What is this?

SKIN OGRE allows you to deposit your CS:GO skins, get Ogre Coins, and withdraw new skins with those coins. Deposit fees are minimal and similar to the small amount lost by manually trading with individual people.

What are Ogre Coins?

Ogre Coins are our virtual currency used to represent skins. 100 is worth $1.00 in skins. Get Ogre Coins by depositing CS:GO skins.

What restrictions and requirements are there?

Requirements: — Your Steam profile and inventory privacy must be set to public. — Your trade URL must be set. — You should be mobile-authenticated to avoid the 15 day escrow on deposits. We will allow escrow deposits but your Ogre Coins will not be given to you until the escrow period is over. If you do not have a mobile phone to authenticate with, there are desktop alternatives and many services which allow you to receive SMS. Restrictions: — Souvenir items are not accepted. — Low valued items are accepted but their deposit value is severely reduced. — Many items have a stock limit and we will not accept more than a certain amount of them. Items which have a stable price, such as keys and Redlines, have a high or infinite stock limit. Low valued items typically have lower stock limits. If you believe an item needs to have a higher stock limit, contact support. We do this to prevent our site from being flooded with low valued skins that no one wants.

What are the fees?

Generally 3% - 5%. The deposit fee of keys are almost 0%. See the deposit page for exact numbers. Items have a withdraw price and a deposit price. The amount you get for depositing a skin is slightly less than the price of withdrawing a skin. If you add SKINOGRE.COM to your Steam display name, we will give you 0.25% extra Ogre Coins on any deposits that are worth at least 100. Make sure you log out and back in when you change it.

How do I avoid scammers?

We will never send friend requests, ask for account details, or send you trade requests from bots not in the official bot list. Be wary if you receive trade offers when you didn't request one from the site. Check to make sure the protection code you receive in your trade offers matches the one that's shown on the site. Be extra careful if you're streaming as viewers can see the protection code and possibly create fake trade offers. Always use the trade offer link given to you by the site.

Can I transfer Ogre Coins to other people?

Not right now. This feature has been temporarily disabled.

I have another question!

Try contacting support.